L.C. Tecnomec srl

We are a company based in Verona, producing precision mechanical components on order for third parties, specialized in turning, milling and thermoplastic molds. We trust our professionalism and experience to always deliver a quality, flexible and punctual service to our clients. In our establishment we rely on modern and high-standard technology.

Mechanical machining

Many application fields

L.C. Tecnomec offers different solutions within the third party production sphere: from mass-produced mid to small batches, including prototypes, to work on order for customized products. Our major strenghts are custom-tailoring, product quality and our promptness in delivery.

Thermoplastic molds

Design and innovation

Planning and production of thermoplastic molds thanks to state-of-the-art machinery and highly qualified staff.

Production line

Precision is our mantra. Furthermore, the market demand for constantly higher standards led us through the years to expand our technological modernization process. Thanks to our efforts today we work with cutting-edge machinery, under the supervision of highly skilled and specialized staff.